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Nazo Bravo. The Armenian James Bond

“Acting comes from the mind and heart, but music comes from the soul. Whether I’m having fun with a song or telling you personal details about my past experiences and loved ones, I’m giving you a glimpse into my soul”,-says rap artist of Armenian descent Nazo Bravo (Nazaret Aslanyan). He has his own record label

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Austin Trout. “My gloves are like carpenter’s hammer”

Austin “No Doubt” Trout is a professional boxer and the former WBA Champion of the World with a record of 26-1 with 14 by way of knockout from Las Cruces, New Mexico.

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Reno Karimian. “I am a high speed lover”

Zareh  Reno Karimian is a professional motorcycle racer in the US. He is the only Armenian professional motorcycle racer in the world.

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Abstraction. Armenian style heist

PIB Productions has announced the release of a new movie trailer for “Abstraction,” an intense action crime drama revolving around the heist of a half a million dollar painting. “Abstraction” is written and directed by Armenian filmmaker Prince Ishcan Bagdasarian and stars Academy Award ® Nominee Eric Roberts (Dark Knight, Expendables), Ken Davitian (Borat, The

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WikiLeaks: it is possible that new materials with Armenian links will be published by us

WikiLeaks spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson’s exclusive interview to Mediamax Kristinn Hrafnsson is an Icelandic investigative journalist and frontman for the WikiLeaks organization. Kristinn was named Icelandic Journalist of the Year three times, in 2004, 2007 and 2010.  – What’s the average percentage of Armenian content in WikiLeaks exposures? – All in all we published more than

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Iran’s Ambassador to Moscow: “We are ready for everything to uphold the honor of Iran”

Exclusive interview of Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Moscow Seyed Reza Sajjadi to Mediamax. – You mentioned in one of your recent interviews that the peace in the region will be established in the region only if all the Western military forces leave the region. Did Iran’s official stance change given the

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